Roofing Insurance Claims For Storm Damage

Roofing Insurance Claims For Storm Damage

Here in Hampton Roads Virginia we face several property damaging storms every year.  Whether it’s strong wind, hail storms or snow; wear and tear on your roof can cause many issues. Here are a few common results of storm damage:

  • Worn and creasing shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Damaged plywood
  • Roof leaks
  • Mold and mildew
  • Interior damage to ceiling and drywall
  • Water damage
  • Gutter damage

Do not patch or repair your own roof!

When faced with these damages it’s important to know what options you have to repair your home. Do not patch or repair your own roof! This is very important for 2 reasons

  1. Home depreciated value. Patching up your own roof will usually result in obvious replacement shingles that do not match the rest of the roof. This alone will decrease your home value. There is also the potential that patches won’t withstand future storms. This will result in costly leaks and repairs.
  2. Future insurance claims denied. Once you patch or replace your own shingles; your insurance company will consider your roof ‘fixed’. This will give them reason to deny any insurance claim you may file in the future.

This is why it’s important to contact a roofing contractor that specializes in insurance claims. This will ensure that you get a full roof inspection and allow a professional to verify the extent of damage. Once you know the full extent of damage you can make a fully informed decision to file an insurance claim.

Does home insurance cover roof damage?

You may be wondering; does homeowners insurance cover roof replacement? The answer is yes! Your roof is not only one of the most important layers of your home; it is also one of the most expensive to repair. It is the only thing that protects you and your family from the rain, hail, sleet and snow all year long. So now that we know you can file a claim for roof damage; let’s explore if your insurance company will cover cost to replace your entire roof.

Does homeowners insurance cover roof replacement?

Once again the answer is yes. If there is substantial storm damage to your roof; your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost to replace your entire roof. There are 2 forms of storm damage that are typically approved.

  1. Wind damages
  2. Hail damages

Please keep in mind your insurance policy will likely require you to pay a deductible. Most homeowner deductibles vary from $500 – $2000. And in some cases up to $5000 or more when the deductible is dependent on the home value. It is recommended that you work with a roofing contractor that offers deductible assistance. This could offset most or all out of pocket cost.

Roof wind damage insurance claim

If your roof has wind damage it likely was caused by a nor’easter, tropical storm, hurricane or tornado. It is important to know the date of the storm that caused damage to your home when filing an insurance claim. Here in Hampton Roads Virginia many homes were damaged on 3/10/2018 by a powerful nor’easter. This resulted in many homeowners getting entire roof replacements through insurance claims. To see if you qualify for wind damage contact a qualified roofing contractor that specializes in insurance claims.

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We ensure your roof insurance claim is approved!

It is our mission to make sure your insurance claim is approved. With over 15 years of insurance experience; we know exactly what it your insurance policy should cover. We ensure that adjusters are accounting for all damage when examining your property. Most customers don't know what should be covered and end up paying for repairs out of pocket. Let us go to work for you and get your roof replacement approved.

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